Top 20 Great TV Series You Must Watch

If you spend your time watching movies or web series or want to try something new, you should watch television series that will entertain you more than films and web series. The small screen will give you more interesting content to watch instead of any film. You will love these serials, or they will entertain you for many years. The stories always have new twists, or you will have excitement for watching the next episode. These TV serials are always full of suspense and thrill. There are twenty most watched and liked TV series.

Top 20 greatest TV series in the world:

Broad Crunch (2013 to 2017):

Top 20 Great TV Series You Must Watch

It is a British drama based on a crime story where a boy only eleven years old has been murdered, and police detect the entire place. It has twenty-four episodes, and Mr. Chris Chibnall wrote it. The two detectives investigate the case and explore the entire town to solve this case.

Stranger Things 9 (2016-2019):

Top 20 Great TV Series You Must Watch

Duffer Brothers created it. This story is based on American fiction of science. Many characters in it play different roles. The first season of this awesome show was released in June 2016. The story shows how some unnatural and mysterious things happened in the town and how these characters do some secret experiments in the lab to reveal these mysteries. These will affect the residents of that town.

How I met your mother (2005-2014):

Top 20 Great TV Series You Must Watch

This show is based on the life of the main character, Ted Mosby. It is an American show where a guy lives in Manhattan with his friends. There are 208 episodes in which you will see how Ted tells his kids about the story when he meets with their mother. This show has seven seasons, and you will love to see it.

The Big Bang Theory (2007-2019):

Top 20 Great TV Series You Must Watch

It is an American show in which you will see how important friends are in our lives. Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady created it. Five characters in it play the leading roles in it. Two friends have brilliant minds and want to discover how this universe works. It is a very interesting show, and you will surely love it.

Friends (1994-2004):

Top 20 Great TV Series You Must Watch

It is the best American TV show where you will see how six friends live their lives at the age of twenty and thirty. You can also watch it on Netflix. It has ten seasons full of a lot of comedy, emotions, and more. You can watch these friends and how to experience every moment of life living together.

Quantico (2015-2018):

Top 20 Great TV Series You Must Watch

It shows where an FBI agent is suspected and arrested after a terrorist attack. Several actors play different roles in this show. It is also an American series that is full of thrills. Some friends arrested their colleague as a mastermind planer in the world’s biggest terrorist attack on New York City. Watch this interesting series to reveal the truth.

Jane the Virgin (2014-2019):

Top 20 Great TV Series You Must Watch

It is a romantic serial about the life of a girl named Jane who is living with her grandmother in America. The girl is doing a job as a waitress in a hotel. Her grandmother told her that she had to protect her virginity if she wanted to enjoy a good life. Still, her life had a big change when she knew at 23 about an incident in which her doctor had inseminated her accidentally.

Dark (2017-2019):

Top 20 Great TV Series You Must Watch

This German serial is based on science fiction and is full of thrills. It has three seasons in total. The story starts with a character living in a fictional village in Germany where a child has disappeared. He will find different connections between some families when the character is looking for that child. Watch this awesome series from the first season to learn about this mystery.

Black Mirror:

Top 20 Great TV Series You Must Watch

A British anthology inspires this show. It covers a variety of topics. Each episode of this show has a distinct plot. It provides a universe-wide demonstration of new technologies. It has twenty-two episodes, and every episode comes with a new story full of technology.

Vampire Diaries:

Top 20 Great TV Series You Must Watch

This story is about a girl living alone after her parent’s death in a Virginia accident. L.J Smith in America creates this series. There is a girl who is playing the main role in it. The story has more twists when she falls in love with a vampire. If you are getting bored, watch this series to have fun.

Orange is the new black (2013-2019):

This series is based on a girl who starts her year in prison. Jenji Kohan directs it. This series is full of comedy. A girl has been arrested and kept in jail and tells her experience about it. The main story plots around a gang war in the jail between two different blocks. There are thirteen episodes of this epic series. Watch it from the first episode to enjoy it.

Two and a half men:

This awesome series reveals the story of a character named Charlie, who is forced to change his daily life routine after getting married. He is forced to leave bad habits such as gambling, drinking, and many others by his wife. This series has twelve seasons. Things worsen when Charlie throws out his wife, brother, and kid, and they need some place to live. After the death of Charlie, everything changed for almost ten years.

Mind Hunter:

If you want to catch criminals, you have to dive into their minds of criminals. This show is based on a crime story in which some agents of the FBI do teamwork to catch criminals. They have a task to interview some killers to chase criminals and investigate them to solve different cases.

Ramayan (1987 TV Series) and Mahabharata (1988 TV series):

Many people love to watch these two types of television series. The story of Ramayana is about the war between Kauravas and Pandavas. There are many historical things to watch in these serials. There is the Bhagavad Gita from Krishan, the vasthraharan of Draupadi, and many more. On the other side, the Mahabharata was created in 213 again and on air on Star plus. Watch these two historical serials, which will touch your heart.

Circus (1989):

It is one of the best series cast most famous actor Sharukh Khan. Several other characters in it show how they struggle in different situations. There are nineteen episodes of this awesome series. Watch it on Doordarshan and enjoy it.

Tarak Mehta ka Ulta chasma (2008 – present):

It is the longest TV series that has taken place in the heart of many people. It is a comedy series. The story is about a society where some families live in a complex name Gokuldham. The main part of the story is the family of Jethalal. Every episode has a different story, which is about all the social activities in life.

Shaktiman (1197-2005):

This drama is for children, where a character plays the superhero role. This serial shows how Shaktiman fought with evil acts to protect children and the city. It is a great series that you can watch on prime video.

CID (1998-2018):

It is a serial in which some inspectors investigate crime scenes to solve cases. The cast has ACP and his team with a doctor. It has several episodes with new mysteries. Watch this wonderful serial to reveal the culprit at the end.

Kasutii Zindagi Kay (2001 TV series):

It is an Indian serial that Ekta Kapoor creates. It is the third longest TV serial with a husband and wife story. They got has been separated after marriage and reunited again after death. You can watch it on Star Plus and Hot Star.

Beyhadh (2016-2017, 2019 – present):

It is a romantic serial where an actress comes with a new avatar. It is full of thrills and love. The story is about the madness of love between a girl and a boy. Watch in the pandemic of covid and kill your bore time.

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