Best 15 Series on Netflix India 2024 Updated

In this situation, when every one is bound in their homes due to covid-19 and has nothing to do, many people spend their time watching some online web series. There are plenty of apps on the internet, but Netflix offers its users the latest and original content. You do not need to explore the internet to find the best series. Here are some best 15 original series on it. You can watch these web series in HD as it supports high-quality video players. You can always explore Netflix to get all the latest updates about new series.Taj Mahal 1989:Best 15 Series On Netflix India 2020 Updated

Four couples fell in love with each other in this series. You can see the tag of 1989, which shows you the story and life of those old days and how people date their partners. The story is full of love, suspense, and romance. You will love watching this epic story. Enjoy it to have fun in your bore time.Locke and Key:Best 15 Series On Netflix India 2020 Updated

If you love watching fantasy, you will love this awesome web series. You can watch the fantasy in this, which will blow your mind. This story is based on a family where a mother with three children moves to a new house after the death of her husband. The house’s name is Key House, as there are a lot of magic keys. These three siblings found that keys, step by step as every key has a strong connection with the death of their father.Delhi Crime:Best 15 Series On Netflix India 2020 Updated

This series has a story about a girl named Nirbhaya who has been raped in Delhi. It is a well-known incident in which a girl is cruelly raped. The entire world was shocked by this incident. Richie Mehta created this web series. In this series, she shows how the Delhi police face pressure from bureaucrats and politicians while investigating this case.Lust Stories:Best 15 Series On Netflix India 2020 Updated

There are four stories in this series that some famous Indian filmmakers filmed. The first story is about a married girl who wants to show her sexuality to others. The other short story will show you the affair of a man with his maid who comes to clean his house. In the third story, a couple makes tough choices and is forced to do this. The last story will show you a wife who shows her disappointing experience of sex with her husband.Ghoul:Best 15 Series On Netflix India 2020 Updated

It is an Indian horror story based on a terrorist with some evil powers. It has three parts. A girl is playing the role of an army officer who asks some questions about terrorists. That terrorist with an evil spirit destroys the whole military camp with power. Watch this interesting web series to know who will survive at the end of the series.Leila:Best 15 Series On Netflix India 2020 Updated

Deepa Mehta directs this web series. This whole story is based on a novel. This story shows a girl who is forced to leave her house if she wants to continue her journey. This web series will show you how that girl passes her hard time. Some very brutal scenes highlight the scenario of some political incidents which you cannot believe.She:Best 15 Series On Netflix India 2020 Updated

The director of this series created it for the small screen, where you can see a junior police constable from a middle-class family. His seniors send him on a mission where he has to break an organization that some criminals run. The performance of the character is very good, which is why this series is loved and watched by many people.Narcos: Mexico:Best 15 Series On Netflix India 2020 Updated

It is a popular web series in 2020, on air in February for people. It puts his place at the top of the list, and he likes the audience. This story shows a character who wants a high position in the Sinola Cartel. The task will become more difficult in season 2. You will see Walt Breslin with a new life with its members.Friends:Best 15 Series On Netflix India 2020 Updated

This web series entertains most people, and you will love it due to its story. There is a girl who marries a guy and breaks roses, and Rachel’s according to your mood. It has many seasons. People are more attached to it when they hear the news that this series is going to Netflix. Watch it and kill your bore time.Sex Education:Here you will watch a story of a boy, and his mother addicted to sex. You can see teenagers’ lives in this web series. In the series, the director collects some lifestyles of different teenagers and merges them to create an epic story. This series is fun, and you will see some interesting discoveries about sex in it.Money Heist:The people of India love drama and crime scenes watched in web series. It is a Spanish series that is based on crime drama. You can see the heist of two people who robbed two different places in Spain. The first guy robbed the bank, and another heist the royal mint. This series has four parts; many people watch the last three parts and wait for the last one.You:A guy named Penn Badgley is playing the main role in this web series. You will see the care and love of a guy for his lover in it. There are also some romantic scenes in this story. Here you will see the life of a boy who falls in love with a writer when he sees her in a bookstore.The Witcher:This story is based on a novel by Andrezj Sapkowski,s. You can also watch this story in games or films. A monster in this series is willing to find someplace for him in a cruel world where he will see the people prove themselves more dangerous rather than beasts.Altered Carbon:This series is based on a cyberpunk released in 2018 on the internet with its first season. In this story, you will see how people want to transform themselves by getting a new body. There is a guy named Anthony playing the role of Takeshi in this wonderful series.Sarfarosh Saragarhi 1897:This web series is based on the battle of a 36 Sikh Regiment, where 21 soldiers fight with more than 10000 tribes. These Sikhs fight against Pashtuns at Saragarhi to protect their post. It is based on real-life stories, so many people love to watch this historical story. Mr. Mohit Sharma plays the leading role in this series.Download and watch TV shows on Vidmate:If you want to explore the latest shows, there is another app named Vidmate. You can watch any of your favorite shows and series for free. There is a huge collection of all TV shows, and it updates its data to fully give you the latest content. You can search for your favorite show in the search box and start watching it. You can also download any drama or series or watch it online. There is a built-in browser in this app that supports many different languages. You can always change the resolution while downloading any TV show.

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