Rapid Streamz APK Alternatives in 2024

1. HD Streamz

HD Streamz is one of the best live TV streaming apps that are hugely popular among users. Choose from over 1000 channel cable cutters. Channels can be browsed by categories such as live TV, sports, movies,  and children’s content. It provides users with access to channels in 19 countries, including the USA, Canada, UK, India, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Serbia, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain, and Germany.

One of the best parts of HD Streamz is that the app is constantly updated to ensure the best experience. In addition, to live to stream, it also offers radio stations, giving it a unique touch. The radio space doesn’t have a lot of options, but the pros of this app definitely outweigh the cons, and Live Net TV and a perfect alternative to  TVTap APK.

2. RedBox TV

RedBox TV may be the best alternative to  Live Net TV and TV Tap App. RedBox TV is one of the most popular live TV streaming apps for FireStick users. The app hosts 1000+ TV channels from many countries including the USA, UK, Canada, India, and Australia. So everyone from children to adults can enjoy this app equally.

It includes all categories. There are separate tabs for each country under Sport, Kids, and Science. This app is user-friendly with the great user interface. RedBox TV is also light in size, so it works smoothly on devices like FireStick. This app is one of the best for live streaming. Try it!

3. HDTV Ultimate

HDTV Ultimate is a powerful live TV streaming app. The app is well organized and houses a large number of channels from around the world in a wide range of genres such as news, sports, movies, music, children, drama and more.

HDTV APK provides live channels from his 1000+ live TV channels from over 100 countries like the USA, UK, Canada, and other American, African, Asian, and Arabic countries. It has a collection of different channels from most countries, so you can watch whatever you want. Besides streaming live TV, you can also listen to your favorite radio stations. But the main reason users prefer HDTV APK is that it hosts a large number of live TV channels.

One of the great things about this app is that most channels work just fine. It also provides multiple streaming links for your channel, so you always have a choice even if the links don’t work. The app’s interface is elegant and easy to use. The HDTV APK app definitely deserves to be on the list of TVTap APK alternatives for watching live TV.


AOS TV offers a huge collection of TV channels from all over the world (1000+).

Shows, movies, documentaries, sports, and pretty much everything that’s on the air.

AOS TV works great with FireStick, Android phones, Android TV, and other devices.

5. Rookr

If you’ve never heard of Rookr, try it now.

Rokker offers satellite channels from the US, Canada, UK, and several other parts of the world. It’s also a great alternative to Rapid Streamz.


OLA TV 10 is another Live TV apps for Android devices like Amazon FireStick, Fire TV, Android TVs, Android boxes, and even Android Mobiles.

It lets you explore a sizeable collection of cable TV channels from almost all over the world. OLA TV comes with a user-friendly interface and offers incredible ease of use.

7. UK Turks

UK Turks is a multipurpose app that offers the latest content like shoes and movies along with Live TV. It offers a quite decent collection of Live TV channels from around the world.

This is the reason why it has been chosen as one of the best Rapid Streamz alternatives as well as a replacement for your live TV apps.

8. Strix

Strix is another Live TV app that you would thoroughly enjoy for your Android devices. It smoothly works on TV and all other android mobile devices.

So, if you are looking for a Rapid Streamz alternative, Strix might just be the answer for you.

9. LiveNet TV

As the name suggests, LiveNet TV offers live TV streaming. With a collection of channels from several countries like the US, Canada, and the UK,  LiveNet TV has also been one of the most popular live streaming apps to compete for a long time. There are 800 live TV channels in HD quality. This makes LiveNet TV another great alternative to Rapid Streamz.

It offers a variety of categories of contents including entertainment, sports, live channels, news, movies, documentaries, kids, music, food, religion and more. App developers have also created alternate links for certain streams when traffic is high. You can also request channels to be added to the app. In short, live streaming made easy with this app – if you haven’t tried it yet, try it now!

10. ElMubashir

ElMubashir may be one of the last mentions in this list of best Rapid Streamz alternatives, but it includes a solid number of satellite channels from the USA. You will also find several TV channels from other parts of the world in ElMubashir.

11. FreeFlix TV

FreeFlix is another Live TV app that you can use as a decent alternative to Rapid Streamz. It comes with a varied collection of cable TV channels from America, Europe, Asia, and other countries.

Wrapping Up

So, those were our best Rapid Streamz alternatives. All of these applications have so much to offer. And the best part is, they are packed with useful features, allowing you to watch Live TV at any time. Try some of these apps out and enjoy the modern streaming world.

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